Welcome to Bonnet Shores Beach Club

Welcome to Bonnet Shores Beach Club


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Bonnet Shores Beach Club is a Private Condominium Association located on Bonnet Shores Fire District Community, Narragansett RI.  It consists of 930 privately owned units: 
2 Deluxe Live-In Units | 4 Live-In Units | 285 Cabanas (9’x12’) |  26 Double Bathhouse Units (8’x8’)
206 Mini-double Bathhouse Units (4’x8’) | 407 Bathhouse Units (4’x4’).

Residents of the Bonnet Shores Fire District and/or the Bonnet Shores Terrace Association do not have automatic membership at the Bonnet Shores Beach Club.  Residency only allows the use of Kelly Beach or Wesquage Beach.

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Take a Step Back In Time

History of
Bonnet Shores Beach Club

The following is, for the most part, an anecdotal history of the Beach Club. We wish to thank Dr. Herbert Underhill, Jr. and Mrs. Lee Listro, both of whom provided so much of the history which is presented herein.


The development of Bonnet Shores started as a summer residential community by the Belton Corporation. The original plans proposed a 9-hole golf course between Camden Avenue and Bonnet Shores Road. Some house lots originally sold for $500. By 1935, 64 cottages had been built. The Beach Club history began in 1928