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The Bonnet Shores Beach Club is a Private Condominium Association located on Bonnet Shores in Narragansett RI. It consists of 930 privately owned units.

  • 2 Deluxe Live-In Units: Deeded 10 memberships
  • 4 Live-In Units: Deeded 10 memberships
  • 285 Cabanas (9’’x12’): Deeded 8 memberships
  • 26 Double Bathhouse Units (8’x8’): Deeded 6 memberships
  • 206 Mini-double Bathhouse Units (4’x8’): Deeded 4 memberships
  • 407 Bathhouse Units (4’x4’): Deeded 4 memberships
Every Unit’s interior is different according to the preference of the individual owner. Bathhouses are primarily used for storage of beach chairs and other beach paraphernalia.

Some of the amenities offered at The Bonnet Shores Beach Club include:
A private beach, swimming pool, gift shop, restaurant, an outdoor bar, and grille, tennis court, basketball court, volleyball court, live entertainment, free Wi-Fi, special events/activities, full staff, showers, restrooms, private parking lot...And a safe, clean, family atmosphere.

In order to become a member at BSBCCA, you could:

  • Purchase a unit from a unit owner. (Prices vary according to market value, type of unit, the location of the unit, condition of the unit). Once you own a unit here, like any other condominium association, you will be responsible for yearly condominium assessments, yearly town taxes and Bonnet Shores Fire District taxes. Important: BSBC does not market sales of units at the club.

  • Rent a unit from a unit owner (renting a unit gives you access to that private unit along with all Club facilities).

  • Buy Seasonal Memberships (Passes) from a unit owner. Each person that will be attending the club will need a photo ID membership card. This option gives you access to all the Club facilities, but not to a private unit and is only valid for one season.

All members and guests of members must abide by the rules and regulations of the association.

Read about the History of BSBCCA

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