Dear Fellow BSBCCA Owners,


As many of you may have seen in the linked June 11th Providence Journal article entitled “Voting rights and the beach: ACLU gets involved in Bonnet Shores dispute”, the Beach Club is under assault AGAIN by a small group of very vocal and disgruntled residents of the Bonnet Shores Fire District.


Their new mission is to deny us the right to vote even though the owners of the Beach Club collectively are the largest taxpayer in the District. To add insult to injury, even though we are indeed the largest taxpayer in the District, we do not get any of the services that the other taxpayers get. We pay the most and we get the least.


Unfortunately, some members of this group are also fellow owners and members of our Beach Club. As we all share the beautiful beach and amenities of the Club, some of our fellow owners and members have been actively working against us for years.


Their actions have caused timeless delays in the Sewer Project and have added over $100,000 to its cost because of legal fees as well as concessions that previous Boards have had to make to keep the project moving forward.


Not only did the Beach Club get a fully functioning sewer system that will keep us in compliance with the Department of Environmental Management for decades, the Fire District got a brand new, highly improved, and professionally redone Causeway. Without a doubt, it is the best road in the District!


Once the project concluded this past Spring, we thought our “frenemies” would finally stand down and accept us as the good neighbor that we are. Obviously, we were wrong.


It has never been our intention to involve the Beach Club in local politics, but once again, this fight has been forced upon us. We need everyone’s help to stop them from taking away the only right we have as taxpayers --- the right to vote in the District!


The Bonnet Shores Fire District Annual Meeting and Election is taking place on Thursday, June 24th at the Community Center at 130 Bonnet Point Road.


If the candidates who are backed by this anti-Beach Club group were to win seats on the Council, there is no limit to the damage that they could potentially cause the Beach Club.


We must act to protect our rights, and here’s how:

  1. Attend the Bonnet Shores Fire District Election on June 24th at the Community Center either in person or by proxy. Sign-in usually starts at 6pm.

  2. Every owner of your unit is entitled to vote.

  3. If an owner cannot attend, s/he is allowed to give a proxy to another owner of his/her same unit who will attend.

  4. The proxy ---- which must be notarized --- can be found here. (Jennifer Campbell, our Business Manager, is a notary.)

  5. If your unit has multiple owners, one owner must attend to deliver all the proxies for your unit.

  6. If your unit has multiple owners, you are urged to bring a copy of your deed (available in our office)

  7. Vote for the following individuals:


Fire District Council:

  • Bob Anderson

  • Steve Danuszar

  • Anthony DeAngelis



  • Joe Thomas



  • Stephanie Caldwell



  • Laurie McCarthy


Land Trust:

  • John Caravalho

  • Mary Flynn

  • Arthur Hardy

  • George Monaghan


With your help, we can thwart this attack on our basic rights and get back to the business of our Beach Club and our summer!




Board of Directors

Bonnet Shores Beach Club Condominium Association