July 2, 2020


Following last week’s update, we received many emails from owners thanking us for emphasizing the importance of wearing a mask here at the Beach Club. One email was especially poignant. We’ll let it speak for itself.


“Thank you for stressing the wear-a-mask campaign. If you were touched by the disease, you would change your attitude quickly.


My friend was a healthy 60-year-old trying to do all the right things. But she contracted COVID and was on a ventilator for 14 days. Now she has a trach and a feeding tube. She cannot walk because she has lost all peripheral muscle control. She will be in a residential rehabilitation center for the foreseeable future.


I will choose the minor inconvenience of wearing a mask anytime over the life my dear friend has ahead of her.”



Effective Tuesday, July 7 guests (including voucher guests and house guests) are allowed on weekdays only. Remember that there is no After-4 guest pass. The guest fee is $15 all day. Guests are expected to wear a mask whenever moving about the facility and / or the beach. That means on all decks / quads and in the Pit.



Do not be concerned when you see the Pit Grill cooks without masks. The Governor’s Executive Order mandates that a cook working over an open flame should not wear a mask. 



Entertainment starts this week:

  • Thursday, July 2.....Take It To The Bridge..........7 - 11pm

  • Friday, July 3..........Darik and the Fun Bags......7 - 11pm

  • Saturday, July 4......The Pogs..............................7 - 11pm

  • Sunday, July 5........Eight To The Bar..................4 - 8pm


Entertainment restrictions must be met if entertainment if to continue:

  • There must be 14 feet between the entertainer and the audience,

  • Attendees will be seated at tables of 10 or fewer.

  • Tables will be physically distanced from one another.         

  • Every attendee must have a seat.

  • Every attendee must wear a mask when entering /leaving the Pit

  • Every attendee must wear a mask when leaving his/her seat for any reason.



Apparently, Phase 2 pool regulations will remain the same in Phase 3. Therefore, the pool is still limited to 15 people at a time. Two 10-minute cleaning periods and two 20-minute swimming periods every hour. Adult Swim 10am to 11am.  Pool is open from 10am to 6pm daily unless otherwise announced.

Stay safe.


Board of Directors

Bonnet Shores Beach Club Condominium Association



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