September 17, 2020

Dear Fellow BSBCCA Owners and Members,

Well, here’s another “final update”!


The Phase 2 Sewer Connection Project Budget was ratified by the owners at the Budget Meeting of September 14. You will very shortly receive the invoice for your Phase 2 Sewer Assessment. 


  1. The invoice states that your Phase 2 Sewer Assessment is due on October 20. However, after the invoices were prepared, the Board decided to offer the owners the option of paying that sewer assessment in three installments due on October 20, November 20, and December 20. Of course, you can pay in full if you so choose.  In either case, interest on the unpaid balance will begin to accrue on January 1, 2021.  Although you will not receive an additional invoice this year, you are free to choose either the three-payment plan or the payment-in-full plan.

  2. As part of the infrastructure for the Project, p traps had to be installed in units with water service. Accordingly, the Board decided that the p trap costs would be included in the overall project costs. However, some units pre-paid for that work several years ago. Therefore, those units that already pre-paid for this work will be reimbursed. Please note that that reimbursement will be reflected as a credit on your Phase 2 Sewer Assessment invoice.


The installation of the p traps in the second-floor cabanas may have disrupted the ceiling in the first-floor cabana below. The rectification of that disruption is part of the Project and we believe that all ceilings have been repaired. Having said that, Facilities Mike Boscia wants to be absolutely sure that we did not miss one. If you believe that the ceiling repair of your first-floor cabana has been overlooked, please contact the office at 783-2832 as soon as possible so that the issue can be addressed.


As you know, the Season’s last day will be Sunday, September 27th. Work will begin immediately thereafter to buckle up the building for the season --- water will be shut off, cabana areas will be wrapped, boardwalks will be pulled up. Work will then begin on the off-season Improvement projects. Simultaneously, the work for the final phase of the Sewer Connection Project will get underway. Accordingly, owners and members will not be allowed any access to the property after September 27th.


In the September 2nd update, cabana owners were informed that the storage box may remain on the deck for the winter. That, in fact, was an error on the part of this writer. The storage box should be put inside the unit for the winter. Having said that, it is vital that a clear and open path be left inside the unit so that the plumber may quickly and easily access the shower, sink, or any other water-related element. If the plumber has to move items inside the unit in order to gain that access, you will be charged a $50 fee.


Please remember our annual fundraiser to benefit the RI Community Food Bank on our last day, September 27th. Due to the fact that the financial stability of so many families has been negatively affected by the pandemic, the need is greater than ever before. We ask that you make a monetary donation to the cause, either in person on the 27th or by mailing us a check made out to the Community Food Bank. Please just send it to us at Bonnet Shores Beach Club ---P.O. Box 238 --- Saunderstown, RI 02874. Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Stay safe.


Board of Directors

Bonnet Shores Beach Club Condominium Association


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