Rules and Regulations of the BSBCCA, Inc. 

The material in this booklet is derived from The Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions and their amendments, and from the By-laws and their amendments which are recorded in the Land Evidence Records of the Town of Narragansett, from action by the Board on behalf of the membership and from input gathered from surveys of members. The majority of the regulations included herein have been in force for a number of years.


However, because many members have been unaware of the rules, this publication serves to appropriately notify all members of them. Upon close examination of this document, one will readily realize that most of that which is included herein is based in common sense and/or the common good of the Association.


The Board of Directors of the Bonnet Shores Beach Club (BSBC) Condominium Association reserves the right to enact, amend, and implement these and further rules and regulations as the need arises. All previous rules are null and void. The Manager has the ability to adjust any and all rules when it benefits human life, health, or BSBC property or membership. This compilation of rules supersedes all others. Board decisions are binding on all unit owners. Heading