July 12, 2018 


At the July 9 Board of Directors’ Meeting, we reviewed the smoking policy under New Business. It was determined that the part of the policy that allows smoking in the parking lot 50 feet away from the building is flawed. 


Some smokers who are abiding by the 50 feet rule are using the parking lot as an ashtray to put out their cigarette butts. This not only creates an unsightly mess, but it is adding to the workload of our maintenance staff. 


In other cases, some smokers are not abiding by the 50 feet rule at all; instead, they are smoking directly in front of the entrances to the pavilion. 


The Board strongly feels that neither scenario makes a good first impression for owners, members, or guests. Moreover, it is very difficult to enforce this part of the smoking policy without permanently stationing security in the parking lot at entrances to the pavilion. 


Therefore, effective immediately, smoking will not be allowed in the parking lot (unless you are in your car and you put the cigarette/cigar butt in your car’s ashtray). However, smoking will be allowed in the designated smoking area in the Pit at any time. Smoking anywhere on the beach will be restricted to after 6 pm. Also effective immediately, Security will be monitoring to ensure compliance. 


Here is the entire Revised Smoking Policy: 


  1. Smoking is allowed at any time in the designated smoking area west of the tent 

  2. Smoking is allowed only after 6 pm anywhere on the beach 

  3. Smoking is banned at all times under the tent 

  4. On Movie Nights, smoking on the beach is banned within the designated movie area while the movie is being shown. 

  5. If the movie is relocated to the tent, smoking is banned in all areas of the Pit (including in the designated smoking area) while the movie is being shown 

  6. Violators will be subject to a $50 fine for the first infraction, a $100 fine for the second infraction, and a $500 fine for all subsequent infractions 


Thank you for your anticipated cooperation. Board of Directors Bonnet Shores Beach Club Condominium Association